Flare demo at Merimbula Jetty| Photos, video

Boating education officer Ray Lonsdale of Roads & Maritime Services was in Merimbula on Saturday in support of Merimbula Marine Rescue and took the opportunity to give a demonstration on how to use a distress flare.

Flares must be carried in any boat that crosses into open water. Two orange and two red flares must be carried.

Situated at the town jetty Mr Lonsdale showed both the orange daytime flare and high intensity light, night time flare.

He warned users to take care in their use as their both burn at very high temperatures particularly the night time flare which contains magnesium.

Once lit they cannot be put out until they burn out which takes about a minute.

He warned people to take care with the flares, not to let off expired flares even on New Year's Eve as the emergency services must respond to any reports of a flare. He also asked people to dispose of them at special flare disposal collection days which are usually listed on the RMS website.