Residents concern over Tura subdivision

Tura Beach residents are concerned about a subdivsion in Wallaby Way which will place four properties on one block.
Tura Beach residents are concerned about a subdivsion in Wallaby Way which will place four properties on one block.

Extra time has been granted for submissions relating to a Tura Beach development following residents' representations to council staff. The DA is for four homes - two dual occupancy, three-bedroom homes on a 1782.12sqm block in Wallaby Way.

Residents say that the development is not in keeping with the area which has mainly single homes on half acre or larger blocks.

Michaela Pascolutti lives in Kangaroo Run and the development will border her property and said she was shocked when she saw the plans.

In a letter to council Ms Pascolutti said she had assumed the development was for a normal dual occupancy, two houses on one block.

"When I read it again in closer detail, I was shocked that it was actually subdividing the one block and putting a dual occupancy on each. Presuming it is a 2000sqm block this would mean it is being divided up into 500sqm parcels. I would expect this sort of development in town in Merimbula or Pambula, or even up near Tura shopping centre, but definitely not in Dolphin Cove where you have large blocks and large houses," she said.

Resident Larry Kumst said it was "totally unsuitable for the area".

The zoning is R2, Ms Pascolutti said adding that was supposed to be low density.

"But I don't think this is low density. We moved from Sydney to buy into an area with more space. We have been residing here for over 10 years now and bought our property in 2000 in this location as a lifestyle property where the blocks were larger and where the surrounding properties are eclectic," she said.

Terry Machin was concerned it would set a precedent with other remaining blocks developed in a similar way and was worried that mature trees would have to be removed from the block because of lack of space.

However, the residents recognise that the development meets the current LEP rules and in fact there has been a similar development in Pacific Way.

In the planning submission to council, developers Don Peterson and Jo Thorpe state that the development is in an R2 zone where subdivision of land and dual occupancy is permitted.

They also say that because the building is single storey there is no adverse impact from overshadowing to surrounding buildings and minimal impact to neighbours' views.

A council staff member met with seven residents on May 9 and has subsequently extended the deadline for submissions until Friday, May 17. Mr Petersen was contacted for a comment on the development which is planned to be staged.