Going global with the concert and jazz bands

Members of the Sapphire Coast Concert Band and Jazz Band will take the audience on a musical journey.
Members of the Sapphire Coast Concert Band and Jazz Band will take the audience on a musical journey.

The Sapphire Coast Concert Band and Jazz Band are getting ready to take their audiences on a musical journey at this year's autumn concert called 'A Musical World'.

The two community bands will perform at 3pm, May 19 at Club Sapphire, Merimbula, with the show featuring compositions from around the globe - Europe and Africa to the Americas North and South and the Caribbean. It's a recipe destined to be a musical delight for the whole family.

The concert band program, under the baton of musical director David Quinlan will include extracts from the much-loved musicals Mary Poppins and The Lion King; jazz with a selection of Count Basie hits; classics with the Allegretto from Beethoven's 7th Symphony (featured so effectively in the Oscar winning movie The King's Speech) and the beautiful Flower Duet from the opera Lakme - played by two flutes and piano.

The concert will also include performance by the Sapphire Coast Jazz Band, led by Paul Dion. There will be plenty of popular jazz classics and opportunities for individual musicians to show their skills with improvised solos, something Mr Dion has encouraged.

The Sapphire Coast Concert and Jazz Bands are community groups which practise every week and perform at many local events and ceremonies, including Australia Day, the Anzac Day services, the Merimula Jazz Festival and Eden Whale Festival Players currently range in age from 13 to 83. All local instrumentalists and would-be players are welcomed and given guidance and encouragement when necessary. Any player interested in joining should contact band president Chris Greenwood on 6495 6400

The concert starts at 3pm on May 19 and tickets will be available at the auditorium door at Club Sapphire on the day. Prices are $15 for adults, children under 12 free.