Lego Club a perfect fit

Meaghan Morrisson is in her element; surrounded by happy children and parents who are totally absorbed in what they are doing and with tables piled high with Lego pieces or constructions.

After finally getting her grant Ms Morrison was able to buy a substantial amount of Lego, pay for insurance and is now well on her way to getting the Far South Coast Lego Users Group up and running.

It's been about a year since she applied for the grant.

"We received just over $8000 and after insurance was taken out, there was just over $6000 to buy Lego," she said.

It sounds like a lot of money but Ms Morrison said Lego is very expensive.

"You can't spend $1000 and expect 20 people to enjoy it. You need enough for everyone to be involved. It's taken a lot of time and research to get there but now we're ready to start the club meetings," Ms Morrison said.

She got involved about 10 years ago because of her son's interest and now it's become a family affair with even her mum involved.

Club meetings are expected to start in May after Ms Morrison has finalised venues which may end up being in different locations every two weeks depending on availability and cost.

But that hasn't deterred local enthusiasts who have signed up already.

Tathra mum Rochelle Vine has signed her son Winston up to the club calling it "a brilliant opportunity for children in the area".

For the past two weeks Ms Morrison has run a school holiday program on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Club Sapphire.

"I thought let's do a holiday program as a start and the kids are really enjoying it; some have come back from last week. A lot are local and we've had some kids pay their fees and join the club," she said.

"Lots of parents have thanked me for getting something going," Ms Morrison added.

If you would like to find out more about the club check out the Facebook page or contact Meaghan Morrison on 0467 083 932.