Lumen students congratulate Social Justice Advocates

Lumen Christi Catholic College recently welcomed the Social Justice Advocates of the Sapphire Coast (SJA) for morning tea to celebrate their Australia Day Service award.

Students from the school's Social Justice Advocates group catered the event and gave speeches acknowledging the incredible work the SJAs do in our community.

Present at the morning tea was SJA chairman Mick Brosnan who has been associated with Lumen since its opening in 2001.

Lumen Christi nominated Mr Brosnan for the Order of Australia Medal which he was awarded on Australia Day.

Students were inspired by Mr Brosnan's efforts and how he gives 30 to 40 hours weekly to volunteer and help the disadvantaged.

Students expressed some notes of appreciation towards his work over the years in the community. His most current project is building Pastor Ossie Cruse’s dream of Youthland at Jigamy the Aboriginal Keeping Place where Lumen students along with Eden Marine students are involved.

Lumen Christi continues to be associated with the SJA and looks forward to being able to support them in their work.

The SJA are involved in immersion projects, financing scholarships and forming Junior Social Justice Groups in four outher secondary schools of the Bega Valley.