South Coast man sentenced to 12 years jail for raping ex-girlfriend’s teen daughter

A South Coast man has been sentenced to 12 years jail after being found guilty of raping his ex-girlfriend’s teenage daughter, returning hours after the assault to eat dinner at the home.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was sentenced by Judge Andrew Colefax in Parramatta District Court on February 8 to a non-parole period of nine years for the aggravated sexual assault of the teenager.

The offence occurred in late 2016, in the months after the unemployed man’s relationship with his victim’s mother had ended.

The man was found guilty by a Bega District Court jury in November last year, after an earlier jury had been tossed out by Judge Colefax, following what Crown prosecutors said was an ”egregious breach” by the man’s barrister during his opening statement to the jury.

The man’s barrister had told the jury his “unfortunate” client was “falsely accused with an outrageous offence”, and in doing so went beyond only indicating the issues in contention at the trial.

The new jury heard the man broke into the front yard of the three-bedroom brick home before the victim’s dog alerted her to his presence while her mother was out shopping.

The man then dragged his victim, still dressed in her pyjamas, through a hallway from the front door of the home to her bedroom before assaulting her.

Court documents stated the man smiled during the vicious assault, and later returned to the home to eat dinner with the family.

Judge Colefax found no special circumstances when handing down his sentence, and back up charges of stalking and common assault were dismissed.

The man will be eligible for parole on October 11, 2027.

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