Letters to the editor

What a beauty: Vince Martin of Tura Beach had an amazing day and caught this 53cm snapper at Horseshoe Reef.
What a beauty: Vince Martin of Tura Beach had an amazing day and caught this 53cm snapper at Horseshoe Reef.

Life saver bashing

I am just about fed up with the bashing of those that wear the red and yellow uniform that has occurred locally over the past fortnight.

Regardless of whether they are a volunteer lifesaver or an employed lifeguard the vitriol that has been directed at these organisations is appalling.

There have been letters to the editor in our local printed newspaper and comments online from tourists that visit our beaches. Not all factual but hurtful none the less.

This morning my daughter got verbally abused by a local older surfer who disagreed with the placement of the red and yellow flags as it was within a good surf break.

This lifeguard challenged with rips, currents and sand banks had to place the flags where it was most safe for the public to swim. That is her job.

I hope he is proud of the bad example he set for the younger surfers in the vicinity with his tirade.

So to those that have an issue with the people that are trying to keep our local beaches safe I say to you, when they paddle or swim out to help you they are risking their own life. When they are directing you on the beaches, answering your questions, watching over you in the surf, remember they are looking after you.

Please show a bit of respect.

Bronwyn Knox, Merimbula

Flights of fantasy

It was business as usual for the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure as he calmly explained to the assembled media that the transport crisis that had overtaken the city of Sydney’s rail system on New Year’s Eve was entirely the fault of some bad weather, that didn’t actually happen until after the latest transport crisis had occurred.

For a politician who spends most of his time dreaming-up novel new project announcements to keep-up the appearance that things are actually happening, the inconvenience of the real world visited on the electorate are of little concern to him.

However, as most voters appreciate, there are just so many bike path announcements that can be made before voters start to wonder if that’s the only trick you know.

Indeed, following the latest funding grant for the Kalaru-Tathra Bike Track, the Bega Valley Shire Residents & Ratepayers Association (BVSRRA) understands that some locals have started to question whether the shire might have reached the point where it has more kilometres of bike track than sealed roads.

The months leading-up to an election are crucial for any government wanting to retain power. It is obviously extremely important to ensure that the electorate is focused on what is being promised in the future.

And when it comes to grand promises, Mr Constance has been busy promising the world to his electorate of Bega. Not just bike paths and children’s playgrounds, but water filtration systems, new “Learning Centres", a new TAFE campus in Bega, and hubs of every description.

But it’s not all good news; the $3.4m funding grant for the proposed redevelopment of the Bega Regional Gallery has not been approved by the state government and nor has the $2.4m grant application to fund the commencement of the planned restoration of the Old Bega Hospital had also been rejected.

And it was only a matter of weeks ago that Bega Valley Shire Council (BVSC) had announced more bad news when reporting that the cost of expanding Merimbula Airport had blown-out by at least 65 per cent or $4.4m, with no reliable explanation forthcoming as to how this had occurred or how and if the outstanding airport works would be completed and who would be meeting the additional costs.

But the wheels seem to be coming off the Minister for Announcement’s wagon at every turn and not just in his electorate.

John Richardson, Bega Valley Shire Residents & Ratepayers Association