Celebration of art and dining

Eden photographer Phill Small and Jacqui Smith of Wheelers Restaurant celebrated their achievements in fine art and fine dining on Wednesday, December 12.

The celebration was a combination of milestones. A showcase of Mr Smalls art was officially on display throughout the restaurant.

The launch of Wheelers’ new oyster bar was an exciting new initiative announced on the day, Ms Smith added a massive thank you to everyone who has been part of her journey in the business, the day also marked her fifth anniversary as owner of Wheelers Restaurant.

“I have wanted to include an oyster bar for quite some time, a place for people to come for champas and oysters after lunch or to enjoy before their dinner booking,” she said.

“And to have Phill’s work on display is such a pleasure, there is so much happening and to celebrate today,” she said.

Mr Small dedicated his thanks to Ms Smith and the team at Wheelers for establishing synergy with his art and fine dining.

The Eden photographer greeted guests as he spoke about his work positioned on the walls throughout the restaurant. 

His most proud pieces are captured on his 30-year-old medium format film camera.

“Each photograph has taken years to create, it took five years for me to create the one of Heycock Point,” Mr Small said.

Deeply connected to the environment, Mr Small is on a mission to share the areas he knows and loves.

“I aim to bring a unique point of difference and create a new point of perspective,” he said.  

“What I am really about is sharing this region through art.”