Emergency access deferred at council

Council has deferred the matter of secondary emergency access between Mirador and Berrambool until a future meeting after requesting more information following a deputation by Mirador resident Rod Macdougall.

In his presentation Mr Macdougall said that residents had been refused insurance on their properties because of the access issue. He was further questioned by councillor Robyn Bain on the subject, who said she would like more detail on the insurance issues.

Council has recently received a petition requesting the reopening of the Berrambool Drive connection to the Mirador Estate. The petition, with 137 signatures, stated: “In light of the recent Tathra fires, we the residents of Mirador estate and concerned neighbouring areas require the currently blocked off access to Berrambool Drive reopened permanently to allow a fire escape route as required by NSW State Planning Authority.”

The emergency access is currently restricted by a locked boom gate under council control.

Council agreed to receive further information regarding insurance matters raised in the address to council.