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Kayla Robbie
Kayla Robbie

Bandana Day is October 26, and Kayla Robbie is determined to sell her supply of bandanas and pens in an effort to raise money for young people living with cancer. 

“Because I went through CanTeen, it is really nice to give back and to also help everyone else in CanTeen,” Ms Robbie said.

By supporting Bandana Day you will help ensure that young Australians won’t have to face cancer alone.

CanTeen helps to reduce the risk of mental health issues like depression and anxiety, improving their overall well being whilst they battle through the pressures of living with cancer. 

Ms Robbie will be visiting businesses and people about on the streets of Merimbula, Eden and Bega in an effort to sell bandanas and pens for CanTeen’s Bandana Day.