Tale that doesn’t hold water

Anyone on tank water who has had to buy water recently might be puzzled to discover that in Merimbula there appears to be no problem with water.

In fact it would seem Merimbula has too much and is letting some out of the town’s water tank on Merimbula Drive.

On Monday lunchtime a cascade of water was leaving the tank, bubbling and gurgling its way down the steep incline behind the tank.

The News Weekly asked council why it was emptying the Merimbula town water tank.

In a statement worthy of Sir Humphrey from Yes Minister council’s Merimbula Water and Sewerage team said the tank was not being emptied, it was “being refreshed as part of annual maintenance to be ready for tourist season.” 

It may well be there is nothing unusual about “refreshing” our town water tanks but when the state is in drought, a stream of water exiting a town’s water tank does beg a question or two.

We would suggest this tale just doesn’t hold water and begs a little more refreshment in terms of explanation.

The News Weekly has sent follow up questions.