Merimbula Letters to the Editor, September 5

Community’s say

I often wonder why it is that a handful of people such as our councilors can make a decision on important issues, such as Native Title, on behalf of all? I think this should be a decision put to all ratepayers.

Council knows where we all live when it comes to rate notices, so why not send us a voting form for all ratepayers to have a say in the future of our Crown Land, public spaces, beaches and waterways, even our sports ovals.

I think this decision may come back to bite us.

SD White, Pambula

Timely piece on fire

Congratulations to MNW for the timely article about a permit being required for burning off on private land from September 1. Furthermore, some fires are banned all year round including any fire on council/Crown land without a permit, and any fire in a national park unless in an official campfire site or with a permit.

Heavy penalties apply for illegal fires. Also, if a fatal bushfire ensues, a charge of manslaughter (by criminal negligence) may follow – with a significant jail term.

Nobody in their right mind would risk starting a bushfire – and it takes only a spark. The vast wildfire in California was started by sparks from a car driven with a flat tire. Ash Wednesday was caused by sparks from a grinding wheel.

Michael Quinlan, Pambula Beach

Position of understanding

The developer for the proposed Frogs Hollow Flying School, Mr Boyle, says he doesn’t understand the concerns raised by the head of Bega Cheese, Barry Irvin. Mr Boyle also says he has listened to the concerns of the community. 

It’s not surprising that Mr Boyle “couldn’t see where his (Mr Irvin’s) concerns were”.

Mr Irvin’s presentation to the Southern Joint Regional Planning Panel came from a position of understanding how to run a successful billion dollar business, one that represents iconic brands and is well loved. Bega Cheese has a long history of community engagement. You don’t get to last for over 100 years without bringing your community with you. 

This is in stark contrast to those who want to inflict noise, emissions and disruption on our beautiful environment, all for the sake of a profit for the few. Not once did the proponents consult with the community. Little wonder they do not understand why so many oppose it – or do they?

Amanda Richmond, Bega

Machiavellian genius

Was Scott Morrison having a lend of us or was it a stroke of Machiavellian genius with his appointment of Angus “Do Nothing” Taylor as the Minister for Bringing Electricity Prices Down?

This ex-Cayman Islands businessman came back to Australia and spent a lot of energy trying to sell Cubbie Station to the Chinese.

He then “re-discovered” his rural heritage and stood for the seat of Hume.  In his pitch for election he told voters in his electorate: “You have to vote for me, I am the only one who will get the Barton Highway duplicated”.  The result?  $300,000 for yet another study.  We have had studies into this highway since 1974. Angus “Do Nothing” refused to release the results for some time because it said that the Barton Highway should not be duplicated at that time. 

His other pitch was the NBN, “Faster, Sooner, Cheaper”.  We all know how that has turned out.  His government is still buying kilometres of copper wire. His only achievement since that time has been appearing during TV interviews, as a “Nodder” over the left shoulder of whomever happens to be the Prime Minister that week.

So, I predict that by the time of the next election comes around, Angus “Do Nothing” Taylor will have maintained his 100 per cent record.

John Gelling OAM, Merimbula

FLIGHT SCHOOL FIGHT: Frogs Hollow residents Rose Taylor, Craig Richmond, Steve Jackson, Don and Maria Kellond, Bel Toohey, Amanda Richmond and Sandy Rocca.

FLIGHT SCHOOL FIGHT: Frogs Hollow residents Rose Taylor, Craig Richmond, Steve Jackson, Don and Maria Kellond, Bel Toohey, Amanda Richmond and Sandy Rocca.