Letters: Stop complaining about parking and enjoy the walk

Lumen Christi parking

I live in Pambula Beach, two of my children went to Lumen. Yes parking is not what it used to be but seriously please stop complaining, it is what it is. 

Park at the sporting complex or down Pambula Beach Road a tad or even the beach.  Your children are able to walk and if not by themselves walk with them. 

It is good exercise and/or bonding time for you and your children. If time is an issue, 15 minutes earlier getting ready is not huge. 

Please feel very lucky you and your children can go to this school or any school at all. Have a look in Australia and abroad of what others don't have. It will all work out over time. 

Wendy McDonald, Pambula Beach

Support our farmers

All of NSW is in drought. Of course, we the people and the government must provide support to the farmers living under such extreme and chronic stress. Can we afford to give away natural gas and water to multinational profit giants as well? 

Last week it was announced that August 1, 2018, was Earth Overshoot Day, the day we used up the year’s calculated available natural resources – like running out of fuel and food a few days before payday.

Then one must borrow from anywhere to make ends meet or take stuff to get by.  Which is what is happening – global debt and artful dodging.

To support farmers, we could be using expert advice, collecting carbon free energy and providing investment certainty with sustainably managing our forests, farms, lakes and seas.

Instead, it seems to me our governments are giving away water and fossil fuels and promoting consumption certainty as the best type of productivity and growth. Can we afford to keep doing this?

What can the residents of this beautiful Bega Valley do to strengthen our stewardship of these natural resources? Which candidates in the upcoming elections will take a stand on stewardship rather than short term profiteering and vote buying we often see.

Sally-Anne Brown, Bega

Aldi absolute joke

I read with interest your article regarding the Aldi DA (MNW, 8/8).

Aldi has now had close to two years to determine whether it wants to proceed with the purchase without having to pay one red cent for the option.

What an absolute joke. What vendor in their right mind would give a buyer a two year option at no charge?

I have been involved in real estate sales for 30 years and I can’t believe how the BVSC could possibly entertain such an offer.

Who is responsible for this situation? Would the representative from the BVSC who negotiated this debacle be prepared to sell their own real estate on such terms? I don’t think so.

I sold the property on the eastern side of Top Fun at 95 Main St for $870,000 (990sqm) in 2008, during the GFC. BVSC sold the “Aldi site” for $1.3million (4900sqm) 10 years later. Approximately five times the land size for 1.5 times the price.

Whichever way you look at it, the ratepayers (the vendor of the land) have been shortchanged big time. And the land is still not sold as Aldi doesn’t want to pay the $76,000 s94A contribution.

Who at BVSC can explain to their constituents, the ratepayers, how this is rigorously representing their interest?

Gary Collins, Merimbula

Thank you

The Pambula Merimbula Lions Club would like to thank the people who supported their sausage sizzle held on Saturday, August 18 which was held to raise funds for the Lions Drought Relief Fund.

We raised over $500 which the Lions Club doubled to over $1000. It was much appreciated.

Valerie Hobbs, Pambula Merimbula Lions Club

Pambula Panthers player Sean Smith walks out with pride alongside two of his daughters and the senior men's team for his 200th game for the club on Saturday.

Pambula Panthers player Sean Smith walks out with pride alongside two of his daughters and the senior men's team for his 200th game for the club on Saturday.