Web Words, July 11

Eden intersection funding announcement 

Great to see continued investment in the Bega Valley Shire from our federal government. Funny we never seem to see our federal MP though. #MIAmike.

Mitchell Nadin 

Actually Mike Kelly was in Eden today. Is that close enough for you?

Carmel Hards 

See a lot more of Mike Kelly MP than we ever see this bloke… or his predecessor known locally as Peter Who?

Sean Philips 

You are kidding Mitchell I was in Eden today doing a mobile office and I’m doing constituent meetings in my office in Bega tomorrow. Perhaps if you stopped playing childish politics and focused on your council job the Valley would be better off!

Mike Kelly 

With all this supposed brilliant activity going to take place down at the wharf, how come the simplistic thought has not been given to both a road in and out of this hive of activity.

Janice Pyke 

Council agree to identify property for youth refuge

Yea why not take some of the money from projects that are not high priority to help the kids say I know take a bit from the $7.4million ear marked for the Twyford Hall Theatre and Performing Arts Centre.

Michael Laugesen 

Perfect property - in the heart of Eden - St Joseph's closed down, sitting doing nothing primary school, six years shut now. Buy that and do something useful with it.

Tamsin Webber 

House Rules: Toad, Mandy’s backyard gets renovated

Please encourage the House Rules team to shop locally, our businesses need your support.

Vicki Joy Bond 

Rescue at Bengunnu Point 

Great response from both helicopters. Thankfully the trawler was properly equipped.

Jacqui Goodman