Firies called as furry friend does a dash

When Tennille Schaefer of Pambula, decided to rescue a feral kitten and take her to a friend to look after, it ended up being a rescue operation with paramedics and Fire & Rescue NSW Merimbula Brigade 

“The kitten got in behind the dash in my car. We could reach her and touch her but couldn’t get her out,” Tennille said.

And that was when the problem got worse. Friend Fiona Mecca also of Pambula offered her help but in doing so got her hand wedged in the dash area and when her hand started to swell things got a whole lot more serious.

“First of all I thought she was joking and then I thought we’re going to have to take the dash apart,” Tennille said.

Meanwhile the kitten, believed to be about five weeks old, was getting upset and lashing out at Fiona’s hand.

“My hand was getting squashed and I realised I was stuck and so was the kitten. After about 20 minutes I said I think we’re going to have to call the firies. We had no other option,” Fiona said.

NSW Fire & Rescue Merimbula Brigade and paramedics attended the scene.

“It took a while to get my hand out. By that time it was numb,” Fiona said.

By adjusting the position of Fiona’s arm the fire officer was able to pull it out from the dashboard.

“We can’t thank the firies and ambos enough. It took a while to get the kitten out,” she said.

Happily there were no ill effects for any of the participants except Fiona who got a claw in her finger.

As for the kitten, who has been named Dash, she will be looked after by Michelle Sharp from Platypus Pet Shop, Pambula.

“I’m taking her for the time being because she so young but I’ll probably end up keeping her,” Michelle said.

Tennille said it was a good reminder for everyone to de-sex their pets so that they don’t end up having unwanted litters.