Merimbula Web Words, March 14

Rotary Woman of the Year

Congratulations Alison. A quiet achiever. It's always lovely to see your smiley face out in the community.

Ruth Hay 

Couldn't go to a finer lady. 

Margaret Munn 

You are wonderful role model for future generations.

Jodi Salisbury Stewart 

Drink fountains to flow

They are a great addition to our community for people & their pooches. Thank you Merimbula Special Events Committee.

Lisa Lukassen 

Great idea for locals & for tourism that flows through town.

Leanne Grundy 

Fantastic! Well done you guys. Now it's time for Our Eden to follow suit. We need to promote the re-use of drink bottles and ditch all those single use plastic ones.

Jenny Robb 

Excellent idea, hope they’re the same as the one on the Boardwalk with the dog water bowl at the bottom!

Louise Brennan 

Only if they have sweet, sweet fluoride.

Warwick Alsop 

Pokies legislation

It’s an odd time, where a stigma is developing around pokies, yet we have Ladbrokes, SportsBet, TAB and the rest all giving people access from their phones but more importantly, advertising during peak sporting events like Tennis and NRL

James Dean 

Someone is spending up big on my share of the $10k per person! This is disgraceful & very sad.

Carmel Hards 

We did a quick count over ourselves and four friends and can account for just over $100. Can whoever is shovelling our part of the average just phone and we will come around and collect it for them.

Don Kellond 

So how many people bet on horse racing, football and anything else? It’s about time the pollies look into gambling on horse racing, football and all other sports. The poker machines are the lesser of the evils. 

Colin Bell