Roads, parking focus of packed council agenda

Council is gearing up for a big session on roads and parking issues at Wednesday’s meeting.

The agenda includes discussion of a new zebra crossing in Merimbula, a request for greater oversight of parking regulations in Merimbula and a call for a roundabout at the Princes Hwy intersection with Bullara Street, Pambula.

The local traffic committee has received a request from council for the installation of a zebra crossing at the northern end of Market Street near the intersection with Main Street. 

The committee was informed that the proposed raised intersection treatment and zebra crossing was in line with the Merimbula masterplan and a grant application has been submitted for the raised intersection treatment.

Council’s strategy and asset services manager, Jason Deller is expected to present the plan to council at the meeting on March 14. Mr Deller has explained that it is not part of the holistic view of traffic movements in Merimbula, but rather a focus on pedestrian movement which is a separate issue.

For those in cars though, councillor Robyn Bain’s motion that could see council engage more parking officers is likely to be of more interest.

Cr Robyn Bain is a member of the traffic committee and said that over the last 12 months the committee had made significant changes to the parking arrangement across the shire to ensure the traffic flows, and parking rotation, particularly in the CBDs, allowed people to shop, eat and enjoy the sights.

However the request for extra parking enforcement would indicate that in the committee’s view, the changes were not being adhered to by drivers.

“In order to encourage people to change their habits and realise the real potential for these changes to work, a commitment to additional monitoring of timed parking in particular with additional contract staff for a short period, will allow council to fully assess if the current plans are working and to look at any changes or modifications,” Cr Robyn Bain stated.

A roundabout motion is also an alternative for councillor Russell Fitzpatrick, who at the last council meeting asked about the Bullara Street intersection with the Princes Hwy at Pambula.

“Quite often at Pambula the traffic was backed up right up the hill, past the Town Hall, not on just the odd occasion at peak hour, but most of the day this occurred,” Cr Fitzpatrick said.

“I believe there is enough room there for a roundabout to be made which would actually alleviate the situation,” he added.

An RMS study concluded there were no safety risks with the intersection but council could ask the RMS for a further assessment.