Murrah Hall presents music variety night

Blue light at the Murrah Hall. Photo: Prem Samira
Blue light at the Murrah Hall. Photo: Prem Samira

The Murrah Hall is presenting a Music Variety Night on Saturday, March 17.

It promises to be one of the most significant local musical events to have occurred at the hall in the past decade.

It will feature Martin Fowler and the Freerangers, Katy Callaghan and Jacqui Holmes 

Possessing a refined artistry, exceptional technique, their professional artistic gestures simply state:  Local is now world class.

Martin Fowler (Marto) is a unique, creative and accomplished artist. 

These are common attributes of many in this region. 

He has made fleeting Murrah fundraiser appearances over the last decade but late last year he decided to, finally, assemble a band - most of whom played on the locally produced albums he will sharing with us: Between Two Worlds and Within. 

What makes Marto’s music special?  Its essential timelessness. 

Its resonant truth. Its ability to move our collective heart. 

For those who arrived here in the 70’s and beyond his tunes have etched themselves into the collective memory. 

Songs from his latest album performed on the night will demonstrate an engaging ongoing passion and craftsmanship.

This is the first time in a decade we will see Martin Fowler’s music, live, with a full band: Louise Hankinson and Maggie McKinney (vocals), Pol O’Shea and Tom Wright (guitars), Leigh Wright and  Louise Hankinson (keyboards)  Brian Boulton (bass) and Ken Vatcher (drums & percussion).

Since receiving her Australian Songwriters Association Award in 2015, Katy Callaghan has gone from strength to strength. 

Her confidence and ability in producing the most melodically fragile, poignant moments of truth have left more and more speechless, in wonder.

Jacqui Holmes will open the evening, her heart, her fantastical desires with an infused reggae soul sound, as unique and compelling as her voice.

Three hours of wholly original material created by gifted local artists - every moment a memory.

Murrah curries from 6.30pm

Music from 7pm to 10.30pm

Entry $20 & $15 HCC Kids Free