Merimbula Web Words, March 7

Council haunted by $360,000 error

Oh dear! Shock! Horror! Surprise! BVSC and it’s officers making an expensive “mistake” that ends up costing the Shire and it’s rate payers dearly. Never heard of such a thing! (Sarcasm hat now removed) The Kothes audit report in the last paragraph says it all and it seems the culture has not changed much since.

Peter Ongley

Get to the bottom of the debacle this Council has made out of the Australasia building. If they hadn't done a back-flip, it may well have been returning money to the council coffers, as well as offering something beneficial to the locals and cruise visitors.

Isabel Robinson

Whitby twins take on state titles

Go boys, cheering you on from here!!!! Hope you can hear us

Marita Fraser

Enjoy the experience, good luck to you both

Trudy Campbell-Jones

Good luck Archer and Flynn!

Danielle Lynn

Book day a page-turner

I have been reading on my device for years, recently had to go to a book and couldn’t stand that I had to have a light on in the night. So easy to buy a book wherever you are and usually cheaper

Kelly Green 

Absolutely love a book,the simple turning of pages is just something a book lover can relate too,won't be giving up my books any time soon either

Liza Fletcher

Unknown road rules

Once when a new road rule came into force you would be notified about it with a brochure in your new vehicle rego papers. Now a new rule can come into operation without the driver knowing anything about.

Stephen Goodchild