Merimbula Web Words, February 28

Return and Earn response

So, let me get this right: State government gives 10c for refund. A case of my favourite beer has increased by 24c per bottle at the retailer. Somehow I am 14c a bottle out of pocket. I recycle through the yellow bin. Everyone except the consumer is happy!

Russell Jennings 

Its wonderful to see kids doing it for pocket money. Although have seen kids going through neighbourhood bins. A clap to the kids who are knocking on peoples doors asking if they can have their bottles.

Sandra Moscarda 

I didn't even know Tura had one. I have been travelling from Pambula to Bega for my refund.

Kayla Hempenstall 

Great for local kids doing neighbourhood collections for pocket money.

Kate Smith 

Love it. My daughter is so excited about recycling now.

Katrina Newlyn 

Great, easy to use, donate to charity and worthwhile recycling. Remember people we all need to reconcile our lifestyles even if it's a little inconvenient.

Colleen Stewart 

This scheme will be a rip-off unless I can get a refund in the same town where I bought the bottle! The idea that I can walk to the supermarket but have to drive to the next town to reclaim the deposit is insulting!

Craig Miller 

Need designated parking near them it would be safer, otherwise great.

Jenny Cox 

Fluoride decision

I see no-one complains about drinking chlorine but you're all worried about the fluoride. This is great for the community.

Mia Parsons 

What an absolute joke! Pressure from above outweighs the majority of the community. This decision needs to be challenged.

Lynn McColl 

What a very good, appropriate and science based conclusion! Thank you.

Rob Morton 

Sanity prevails.

Warwick Alsop