Letters to the editor

Merimbula’s Rotary market raises funds for local projects at Ford Park, waterway accessibility and track maintenance at Bar Beach, Rotary Park and Long Point.
Merimbula’s Rotary market raises funds for local projects at Ford Park, waterway accessibility and track maintenance at Bar Beach, Rotary Park and Long Point.

Our Bega Hospital

Come last Saturday morning my ailment manifested itself as genuinely requiring competent medical intervention.

After being driven to Bega Hospital there I was assessed  promptly by reception, triage, clinical assessment nurse and doctor (although it does appear longer waiting whilst unwell).

Their manner and treatment  was practical,  courteous, efficient and professional. Further treatment to me was then administered after diagnosis.

This procedure can only be considered by me as the pinnacle of preferred medical application in Australia.

A massive "thank you" from me to Bega Hospital administration and staff.

Frank Pollard, Tura Beach

BoM failure 

Not for the first time the Bureau of Meteorology missed the mark when it came to advice on Saturday's expected maximum temperature for Merimbula.

On Thursday it was predicted to be as high as 31 degrees.

This was revised upward by Saturday to 34 degrees.

In fact the temperature hit 39 degrees.

I take the BOM's advice seriously and like others, trust them to revise and issue appropriate warnings during extreme weather events. Not only were they off by over 5 degrees, the consequence was potentially deadly.

I had to be assisted from the golf course during Saturday's play. No doubt others in the community were caught out in the heat event. Warnings via community radio or an sms would be appreciated in future so that dire consequence don't ensue.

Jonathan Vincent, Merimbula

New intersection at Palmer St.

We often use the new intersection at McDonalds coming from Tura Beach to Pambula. At the lights there are two lanes both unmarked with arrows.

The left lane should be marked with a left turn only arrow and the right lane marked with a straight forward arrow.

There is insufficient room for vehicles to merge. Several times we have had to pull up to let another vehicle to pass on our inside.

Alistair Stevenson, Tura Beach

Bunnings rezoning proposal

As a point of clarification, the Bega Valley Shire Residents & Ratepayers Association supports Bunnings coming to the area. Our concerns are that the location of a Bunnings warehouse has to be in accordance with council’s shire wide Commercial Centres Strategy (2006).

This strategy gives consideration to all centres and their hierarchy and viability. The rezoning proposal for the land at Tura Beach has been rejected on multiple occasions by the NSW Department of Planning due to its non compliance with the Commercial Centres Strategy.

The department has repeatedly reiterated the need for council to fully review the strategy if it wanted to progress the rezoning. Council have repeatedly ignored these requests, but now claim they intend reviewing it later this year.

The thing we have concerns about is that council have instead just reviewed a small portion of the strategy specifically dealing with the Tura, Merimbula and Pambula area without considering the rest of the shire including Bega. And given the proposal will have shire wide impacts, we consider it totally inappropriate to carry out a limited scoped review ahead of doing the comprehensive review.

It is akin to putting the cart before the horse and predetermining an outcome and thereby absolutely compromising the outcomes of the overall review. That is why we seriously question the reasoning and integrity of such a flawed process, particularly where the only beneficiary is Bunnings.

Fraser Buchanan  President     BVSRRA