Merimbula Web Words, February 21

Underground power

The power should all be under ground in this day and age.

Jenny N Duane Young 

Totally understand why they would want them gone, but would have been nice if it wasn’t done when surrounding businesses weren’t at their peak time of year. Businesses had to actually close for power outage to complete this.

Tammy Butler 

Underground. Especially in high risk fire areas.

Rhonda Aked 

Must be really nice to have an extra $20,000 per house to throw at improving the view.

Gilly Quinn

Good initiative shown by the residents, great result.

James Dean 

Underground - it’s provided by the council in some Melbourne areas!

Elizabeth Stacey 

CAT award for Sandy Glass

How wonderful. A well-deserved award. I'm so pleased for you and miss you and your talents very much.

Marghanita Ballantyne

O my god dreams do come true. I love you. We miss you so much in Merimbula.

Paul Edwards

Love that shout out to Arkansas! You're amazing and so happy for you. Proud to call you my friend and past singing partner. 

Vanessa Phillips Sbanotto

So well deserved! You are awesome Sandy!

Lee Salisbury

Cruise ship brawl

Yet another item on the list of why I am not keen to do a cruise.

Peter Ongley

I won’t be joining you on any cruises. Can’t think of a worse place to go when it all gets bad. Gastro, rough seas, fights? Nope...give me a tropical island.

Lucas Hayden 

Bogans and grog great mixture...Not!

Tony Whichelo 

It started from day one. Should of been sorted out earlier than it was!

Deb Cruickshank