Merimbula Letters to the Editor, February 7

Artists Annette Binger and Lorna Zhulan at the opening of their exhibition at Artessence, Pambula. The exhibition runs until the end of February.
Artists Annette Binger and Lorna Zhulan at the opening of their exhibition at Artessence, Pambula. The exhibition runs until the end of February.

Fluoride in our water

I agree with Brad Staker’s comments on the fluoride survey. I did not receive a phone call either. How many ratepayers were contacted? I do not know of any either. I think a survey is only conclusive if conducted by mail

I think fluoride would only benefit the young and is in found in most toothpaste. Why inflict this added chemical to our water supply when the problem can be resolved by other ways: cleaning teeth, taking fluoride tablets or education on diet. 

Liz Shaw, Merimbula

Fluoride survey

Yes Brad Staker, (News Weekly January 31) I too, did not receive a call about the survey nor anyone I know. This is not a true picture of those who abide here, wanting this poisonous chemical in our water system. 

It will be bad enough for adults, but how can you gauge how much the body of a small child will get, some will drink eight glasses a day some maybe two; it’s a chemical and can’t be measured when in our water.  Sure, have it in toothpaste, it’s measurable.

Check out what the “World Health Organisation” has to say about it and check with the countries withdrawing it. Maybe open to a class action in years to come.

Wendee Hooper, Tura Beach

Tai Chi thanks

I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for the fantastic coverage you gave our Tai Chi for Arthritis Network Meeting recently. Already the feedback from others in Southern NSW Local Health District and managers has been very positive and complimentary. The leaders themselves were thrilled with the articles and video. 

I also wanted to acknowledge the lovely tone of the article, it really conveyed the success of the program and the skills and dedication of the leaders. We were also very inspired by the story of Ruth which I have circulated across the region. Please pass on our congratulations to your editor.

Martine Mathieson, SNSWLHD

Woolworths and parking

The Bega Valley Shire Residents & Ratepayers Association (BVSRRA) notes the comments attributed to an “anonymous” council official over the provision of 127 car parking spaces on the Woolworths supermarket site in Merimbula (‘Clock ticks on parking deadline’ MNW, January 29).

Council’s “anonymous” spokesperson confirmed that the requirement for the developer to provide the parking within 12 months of commencement of construction “remained unchanged” and given that construction commenced on February 3, 2017, the BVSRRA expected the required parking to appear over the weekend.

And given that they didn’t, perhaps the same “anonymous” council source could explain why council approved a modification to the Development Consent in November, 2016, which had the effect of “splitting” the development into two stages, with the delivery of the car spaces included in the Works Program for delivery in August, 2018?

And perhaps the same helpful “anonymous” council source could explain how the further modification to the Development Consent allegedly approved in August, 2017 is still showing on council’s website as not having been approved; a fact confirmed by council staff after the BVSRRA visited council’s offices in Zingel Place & asked for a copy of the amended Development Consent?

While the BVSRRA acknowledges that the 127 car parking spaces are not “public” spaces (a claim incidentally that no-one has made), the real issue is not whether the car parking is “public” or not, but rather whether the developer will be required to meet his obligations in accordance with the approved Development Consent or whether that obligation will be varied yet again by council to the detriment of the community.

And finally, unlike council, the BVSRRA is always willing to provide the evidentiary basis for any claims of fact that it makes.

John Richardson, BVSRRA