Merimbula Wed Words, January 23

Marine debris

So often I find balloons washed up. Any public event releasing balloons should cop a littering fine for each balloon released.

Glenn Merrick

Angel cloud photo

Has to be an Angel soaring on high and celebrating a beautiful day.

Frank Nott

Now that is a great photo! Love that place.

Sam Senti

Chris Boyle obituary

I first met Chris in the 90’s whilst performing with Spectrum Theatre Group. She was a wonderful person and a very talented musician and performer. Our heartfelt sympathy to her family.

Fay and Bill Deveril

Behave at Bar Beach

Have personally never experienced the current this strong before. Life is all about experiences, just as experience is the greatest Teacher. Thank you Life Guards. You sure are getting plenty of practical experience in your trade this year.

Connie Crawford

Our local lifeguards are doing a fantastic job.

Kirsty Byrne

I have seen this. People think it is a great experience drifting up the Merimbula Lake channel as the tide is going out however there is almost always a hidden rip with the outgoing tide. They then either are swimming or on a board get swept out to sea. Without the life guards rescuing them there would certainly be deaths. The lifeguards give their time voluntary year in year out as they have respect and passion for the sea.

Shirley Rixon

Big Bluefin Tuna in Pambula Lake

 I fish off rocks here imagine hooking that on 15 pound line.

Paul Strang

Unreal poor bugger is lost.

Peter Beesley 

Load the boat up we getting some tuna fish.

Zac Smith