Merimbula Web Words, January 17

Acacia Ponds intersection

It is a bad intersection to get out of. You have to floor it especially if you heading towards Pambula as trucks come roaring down past to get run up for hill. Even going Merimbula way its the same. RMS need to act before severe accident.

Robert Pearce

Need to change speed zone to 80 as most going in and out are elderly and their distance perception is not as sharp. The safety of residents has to come first.

Heather N Chris Penglase

That’s great, however there’s a lot worse around than that.

Johnny Rathbone

ANZ branch closure

Once again country people are penalised for living in the country areas it’s bad enough you have to travel great distances for specialists, now living in Eden banking with ANZ you have to travel 100-plus km to put a cheque into your bank.

Lesley Atkins Griffin

But it's all ok because the recent advertisement told me the banks are good for us little people because we own all the shares.

Paul Munn 

It's the only bank ever that I know that closes for lunch. No wonder they have reduced customers.

Lorraine Watson 

Codeine on prescription

A waste of time and money. We are all responsible for our own choices, or should be. Big Brother policing us yet again.

Jacquie Perry 

And yet cigarettes and alcohol are readily available over the counter. What a stupid hypocritical decision

Sean Philips 

Of course! Have to wait a fortnight for a doctors appointment already. What do we do for pain relief until then?  Ridiculous.

Jaylee Mitchell 

The codeine drugs usually only cost around $12.95. Now we have to pay over $50 in order to see a GP and get a script to purchase it, meaning that medication after Medicare rebate is still going to cost around $30+ for seniors and $50+ for everyone else.

John Holmes