Pambula Show hit by weather

The weather was against the organisers but that didn’t stop a lot of people still having some fun at the Pambula Show on Saturday.

It was 9.30am when a decision was made to cancel the show but committee member Robyn Bain explained that fortunately they has insurance against the rain.

It was clear that the wet weather was going to take its toll with wet sheep and wet wood preventing the sheep shearing and wood chop competitions.

Normally the gate takings are put towards the next year’s show but in this case the organisers will be using insurance money to see them through. Sponsors will remain in place for 2019.

The committee decided to open the gates free of charge for anyone who wanted to attend and quite a few locals and tourists did so. Even though some of the major events and entertainment were not available visitors still enjoyed plenty of see in the pavilion, pig racing, side show alley and art demonstrations and displays from artists attached to Artessence, Pambula.

After the morning rain had abated the equestrian events continued and attracted spectators while the wood chop arena hosted the dog jump competition. By 2,30pm the dog jumping was well underway and so were the laughs as dogs, big and very small were encouraged or cajoled over the jumps.

“At 9.30am we had to make a decision and we can’t control the weather,” Ms Bain said.

“The bonus is that it was free for those who came.”