Merimbula Letters to the Editor, January 17

This photo of Pambula Beach with plenty of people still about was taken at 6pm by journalist Claudia Ferguson. Are you enjoying summer?
This photo of Pambula Beach with plenty of people still about was taken at 6pm by journalist Claudia Ferguson. Are you enjoying summer?

Pambula Show sponsors

I would like to reassure the sponsors that their funds are not lost.  The Pambula Show Committee would like to say to locals and visitors that we could not be more disappointed at having to call off the show on Saturday morning.

The committee and many volunteers had put hours into preparing a great family show but strong rain on Saturday morning and a forecast of more meant that most outside activities, other than the horse events, could not go ahead.

Nevertheless, many people came out to the free displays and events in the afternoon.

We would like to especially thank the many sponsors of the show. We could not run a show without your support. We will, if you are happy, commit the funds you provided for this year’s show to a bigger and better show in 2019.

Russell Fitzpatrick, president, Pambula Show Committee

Witch hunt

I would like to comment on the “Best of 2017” (MNW, 3/1)?  I cannot believe that Dr Frank Simonson was part of this commentary.

You mention Google Analytics! It’s pathetic that you mention Google stats, when social media in our area and greater region observed the opposite!

This is an injustice to Dr Simonson who served his time justly, and many apart from myself agree that this was a witch hunt from the start.

Dr Simonson has served this community in many areas for the greater BVS over many years and still you bring him down!

Couldn’t the MNW find another story, such as the paramedics’ predicament all through the year, or the state of the regional hospital in Bega with its staff shortages and problems (if the regional hospital was built in the correct demographic populated area this would not be happening, so karma is catching up with all those involved).

Or, the newly constructed intersection in Merimbula, which has proven to be a complete farce to both locals and the tourists who are the survival to all businesses. 

I hope and trust that the MNW stops protecting the BVSC and SERH and pursues the real issues in our area for 2018.

Barb Aggenbach, Merimbula

Editor’s note: It’s understandable the appearance of this item in our review of 2017 caused some consternation, but we can only go on the data at hand. Analytics show the article on Dr Simonson was viewed by 3822 unique browsers on our website, the fifth highest result of the year for a single article. Our follow-up article where Frank shared his disappointment at being suspended reached 1119 readers, although there was significant support for the GP on Facebook.

Many thanks

My wife and I recently moved from Merimbula to Headland Drive in Tura Beach (which we love).

Only problem was, at the rear of our property, there were large tea trees overhanging our fence and upon inspection, a great deal of accumulated dead tea tree waste which had obviously been accumulating over many years. 

On Monday last week, I contacted the BVSC receptionist (as the land in question is a reserve being owned by the BVSC) and explained our concern with respect to a potential fire risk and the fact that I am allergic to ticks, for which she made a note of the call. 

On Tuesday, a representative from council met me on site and agreed with my concern. 

On Friday Kane McKill and his team from Kane McKill Tree Services arrived on site and within what appeared to be a very short period, this team worked feverishly and had cleared all of the dead wood and created a fire break of some 10 metres.

So here is a great big thank you to the BVSC and Kane for having done such a fantastic job so quickly – now that's service!

Graeme Skinner, Tura Beach