Merimbula ANZ bank closure

Closed for good: ANZ bank branch in Merimbula will be closing on January 31.
Closed for good: ANZ bank branch in Merimbula will be closing on January 31.

Merimbula ANZ bank branch will close on January 31 due to a decrease in customers.

ANZ has contacted customers to let them know about the closure and that accounts will be moved to the Bega branch.

“Our customers in Merimbula have already helped us make this decision as they are no longer using the branch in great numbers,” an ANZ spokesperson said.

The branch had seen a decrease in foot traffic of more than 30 per cent over the past 40 years.

“Only eight per cent of all our home loan customers in Merimbula have used the branch with the overwhelming majority opting for mobile brokers to help them with that important financial decision,” the spokesperson said.

The growing use of electronic banking from EFTPOS to the internet has also contributed to the reason behind its closure.

“And of our customers who have Merimbula as their home branch, only 15 per cent of them currently use the branch with 70 per cent of them preferring online options such as internet or mobile banking,” the spokesperson said.

The ANZ spokesperson mentioned that it was a difficult decision and said that there will be alternative banking options available in Merimbula. 

“This has been a difficult decision and we apologise for any inconvenience it may cause.

“We are also making sure we provide our customers with alternative banking options, such as online banking or our Smart ATM which will remain in Merimbula.”

For customers who prefer face-to-face services the ANZ spokesperson said they are encouraging the use of Bank@Post facilities located at the Merimbula Post Office which offers deposits, withdrawals and payments for customers using ANZ debit or credit cards.

“We are consulting the branch staff members who currently work at Merimbula and supporting them through this change while making every effort to find them redeployment opportunities with ANZ.”