Merimbula Web Words, January 3

Ambos struggling to cover callouts

I got transported to Canberra Hospital with a change over at Cooma. That's a 3 hour trip for the ambos for a trip that wasn't needed. I got released at 8am after getting there at 12am.

Jess Winslow 

My heart goes out to our local heroes. The other day we needed an ambulance and these poor guys had had a 12 minute break. Definitely need more crew available.

Lisa Thomas

NYE fireworks plan

Nothing beats the live music & atmosphere from the Ford Park gig. It’s not rocket science how to control the growds, just all too hard! Boo Merimbula!

Narelle Massey

This year council did not give Eden money for fireworks, deciding instead to support the shire wide event in Merimbula. That event was cancelled. After council saying that fireworks were not a council run activity, it is now paying for fireworks in one town and not another. I don't know why the Ford Park event was cancelled but I do know that Eden got shafted.

Amanda Midlam 

Rather have less fireworks and more activities at Ford Park.

Chris Ellis

Woohoo hopefully I can watch from home.

Tam Gray

 we'll be able to take the boat out & watch em!

Tania Macleod

Concerns for abalone stocks

It's illegal to go catch a feed of abalone yet you want the people to get upset over this? Self interest I think.

John Mclaren

As far as self interest goes, the licensed professional abalone divers have legally paid a mint for the right to commercially harvest their abalone. They spend a fortune in research and management not just policing and these thieving mongrels threaten the resource for all and sundry by disregarding size limits and taking more than their legal share with no regard for anybody but themselves. 

Clyde Thomas