Merimbula Web Words, December 13

Pambula school opens outdoor cultural space

So amazing! So much hard work from some very dedicated teachers!

Bronwyn McGuiness

Oh my god all we had when we were there was our little bush corner up the back.

Abbey Ison

Well done girls! What an amazing space.

Patricia Doyle

Tai Chi ladies donate to Can Assist

Congratulations Maureen Ryan. You do a fantastic job. Thank you.

Dianne Parker

That's wonderful and will be most welcome I'm sure.

Debra Worner

30 years at surf shop

Congratulations Simon, an amazing effort by an amazing man. The little things you have done for the youth (& adults) is appreciated by many. So many great memories around this shop.

J.S. Holly

Congratulations Simon! What an achievement.  I remember my first purchase from your shop in April was a white "rusty" jumper.

Janita Fernando

I’ll never forget Simon giving me a 00 wetsuit for my son the day he was born. My son turned 21 this week and is in Indo surfing. Thanks for getting him started.

Marty Webster

Congratulations Simon. You have given a lot to the community and also employed a lot of kids giving them a good start in learning about business. 

Jackie Roberts

Fluoridated water

No thank you keep your chemicals out of water. How backwards is this area? While the rest of the world has discovered it is toxic and removing it this area wants to introduce it. Insanity

Liane Baranauskas

I rarely agree with Labor, but yes just introduce it. We don't need another survey just to introduce something that most urban water supplies have, including Bega and Tathra which has had it for years.

Jason Lewington