Merimbula surf shop turns thirty

Local surfer and shop owner Simon Emms has pumped through thirty years of retail.

The Merimbula surf shop, previously named The green eyed lady was renamed by Mr Emms in 1987.

The surf shop has marked a milestone as a small business in Merimbula.

Happy to hit thirty: Simon Emms owner of Merimbula surf shop still loves his work and the local surf scene.

Happy to hit thirty: Simon Emms owner of Merimbula surf shop still loves his work and the local surf scene.

So, what is the secret to Mr Emms 30 year stint?

“It has been a bit of an effort to reach 30 years.”

“Looking after today's ‘grommies’ whose parents were once ‘grommies’ coming into the shop, it’s the generational thing that makes the job worthwhile,” he said.

Surfing has been Mr Emms passion for quite some time, making his work enjoyable.

“The secret to any occupation is to wake up in the morning and be happy to go to work,” he said.

Mr Emms wakes up early to check the surf at Short Point every morning, a routine he swears that he will never break.

Over the years, the surf shop has kept business flowing, keeping its doors open seven days a week, closing only on Christmas day. 

“Business is about opening doors, if you don’t open doors – don’t start a business.”

Mr Emms has put many long hours and hard work into his business, although with online shopping becoming more popular Mr Emms has no plan but to cop it on the chin. 

“It is up to the public and how well the Aussie dollar is going, I have no plan. I have to take it as it comes as does every other retail shop in town.”

“Soon there will be no retail shops, people will be coming here for the restaurants and beaches and tourist attractions,” he said in relation to the changing retail landscape.

With the popularity of surfing on the rise though, Mr Emms mentions how the surfing culture has changed greatly over the years. He bemoans the move to a more serious, mainstream culture.

“It has become too professional, marketable and accessible, as a result, the whole retail landscape has changed.”

But despite these issues, Mr Emms is ready for another busy season.

He has a staff of 12 and likes to give back to the locals who have supported him over the years, by employing their kids in casual jobs during summer.