Merimbula Web Words, December 6

NYE festival?

I love they way they stated that it takes months of organisation to plan for this event, yet this time they decided to can it one month away? A week long festival sounds interesting but could have been worked on next year without disrupting this year’s festivities.

John Holmes

If it can't be achieved to run a single night event what chance is there of a week long event. It is disappointing Merimbula Tourism didn't appeal to the public for support to get the event happening.

Fraser Buchanan

I am so disappointed in this decision. We are a tourist town. We all rely on people coming to our town and putting money into the region. If we can’t provide this type of entertainment for not just tourists but locals as well, they will go elsewhere. 

Fiona Knox

Perhaps an entry fee of $2 could have been introduced. With over 10,000 people attending it would be a fabulous start to offering more employment to man such an event.

Karen Jones

Council gave nothing to Eden for fireworks, putting the money towards the Ford Park event. So what happens to it now?

Amanda Midlam

Harrison’s winning photo

Congratulations Harrison. You are a talented photographer.

Ros Rowlinson

Well deserved. A fabulous photo. Photography is an art.

Liz Smallwood

NPWS staff cuts

No different than any other government department, dedication means nothing, saving money does. But they should start at the top and work down, not out in the field where all hard work and knowledge is.

Colin Bell 

They did the exact same thing to their EBMP staff over last Christmas and New Year causing massive stress and worry as they waited to find out if they had won their jobs again. Where were the protests and union support for those workers?

Nic Cooper