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Aldi DA submitted

Having Aldi will also bring down all your other competing supermarket prices as they will all compete with each other! It’s a great thing for the area. Plus offers more job openings. 

Emma Sturgess

Now can have that Bunnings and a Kmart too?

Kelley Tilley

Hope the council think hard and long and make the right decision, not like the “bypass”.

Ree Daly

If they do take a reasonable market share then Woolies may let some staff go. Aldi are very lean when it comes to staff so there may be a net job loss or at best neutrality. Competition in a small market is not always a good thing for a community.

Ian Bray

People will come from surrounding towns to shop at Aldi, and many will visit other shops while they are here. It will be good for Merimbula.

Glenn Merrick

Lumen No Stopping signs

I would say that our council and their traffic planning division need to use some common sense - but clearly their track record shows that they have none! 

Lee Salisbury

Let's be honest here, we live in the middle of nowhere, who really cares where we park and for how long. It's part of the reason we choose to live here. This is BS that Melbourne/Sydney councils go on about.

Alex Leonard

Lumen is not the only problem area, Sapphire Coast Dr at Tura Beach on the eastern side of the road. It's chaos there some afternoons, with motorists illegally parked on the grass verge. If Lumen had followed the original traffic plan we would not have this problem.

Colin Bell

Yet the council allows vehicles to park in the dirt area right next to Tura Woolworths building in an 80kmh zone.

Peter Humphreys

So you now have to cross the road with your kids? Is that what the new no stopping signs mean? Surely not?

Gretchen Morgan


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