Tura Beach Ladies Golf Results

Judging by the scores recorded at Wednesday’s stableford, October 11, the windy weather did not get in the way of some good golf. Div 1: Jenny Lasker (22) 40pts; Anne Madigan (21) 39 on a c/b. B Grade: Therese Strangman (27) 40; Betty Richards (33) 38 c/b. NTPs: 3rd Deanna Scott, 5th Therese Strangman, 9th Joyce Luke, 13th (Golden Shot) Kaye O’Meara, 17th Jenny Lasker.

Because of an imbalance in numbers on Saturday, the unlikely occurrence of one player featuring as both the winner and R/U for the 4BBB stableford happened. Linda Staite and Shirley Dobson scored 49 points and were the winners. Linda was then paired with Rae Grange as a swinger, and their combined score of 48 points took the runners-up prize. NTPs: 3rd Donna Mayberry, 5th Stephanie Shaw, 9th Jenny Lasker, 13th (Golden shot) Joyce Luke, 17th Janey Morrison