Motorcyclist cleared of serious injury

UPDATE: The motorcyclist involved in Monday’s road accident in Pambula has been released from the South East Regional Hospital emergency ward.

Pambula resident Daniel George, 17, had finished his shift at Wild Rye’s bakery before striking a car on Quondola Steet, Pambula about 9am this morning.

His helmet cracked as it lunged into the driver’s side window, while his knee also struck the Hyundai i30.

Mr George’s mother, Sheree Paterson, told the News Weekly that when she arrived at the scene her son was surrounded by police and a local doctor.

“I held his hand, but he wasn’t moving,” Ms Paterson said.

“It was all a bit manic.”

Ms Paterson said she spoke to the driver of the car on several occasions to assure her that it was an accident.

“I felt sorry for the driver. No one wants to do that deliberately,” she said.

Ms Paterson accompanied her son in the ambulance to SERH, while Mr George’s father followed suit.

After a CT scan and x-rays the patient was cleared to go home.

“He’s very lucky,” Ms Paterson said.

“He had good gear on and spent quite a bit on the helmet.”

Mr George has driven dirt bikes all his life and only had his road licence for three weeks.

“He’s a sensible kid. He’s not a yahoo,” Ms Paterson said.

The apprentice baker will spend the next few days recovering from the incident.

“His knee is very sore, but it’s been cleared of any breaks,” Ms Paterson said.

“He’ll feel it a bit more tomorrow.”

Police are investigating the incident.