OPINION: Best of the web, October 11

Council to clarify parking

Ridiculous it was only these holidays I couldn't get a car park so what's going to happen at Christmas time.

Kerrie Peck

Shocking today. Took my wife and I almost two hours to find a park. We found one behind the units plus they made the parking lot too tight for any cars to park in.

Jase Dean Dixon

Look at this very image and tell me what's wrong with it? Too much wasted space with seating outside a toilet block in a car parking area with no view. Why was so much space wasted in landscaping of non essential areas rather than increasing car parking spaces?

John Holmes

Make it multi level parking and Merimbula may have some suitable parking bays. It's far from a little village town now and then comes peak seasons when the tourists hits the town. Town planning needs more planning.

Leanne Grundy

New trawler on Sth Coast

We manage our fishery well. Hope it gets plenty of fish so to feed the many with a great product from a great waters.

Michael Skitt

They destroy life in the ocean.

Jackie Smith

Just a normal boat in Port Lincoln. Her and her sister boat didn't look that big down there. Never fear people, Australian waters/fisheries are the best managed in the world. Whales are getting a bit thick though. I’m fearing for the krill population.

Hayden Grant

Postie’s tips to avoid swooping magpies

I talk to ours when outside and have never been swooped.

Helen N Heinz Lohmann

We never have been swooped in our street. He eats our of our hands!

Mel N Paul

I fed magpies my dog’s mince. One used to come and tap on the kitchen window to be fed. Yes it does work. As long as they know you as friendly. If you’re a gardener and dig in the garden, they will come around and look for food.

Gabrielle Davidson


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