OPINION: Best of the web, OCtober 4

Dane’s dream realised

Dane you’re such an inspiration. What an incredible journey. You’re nothing short of a legend. Congratulations and welcome home.

Molly Christine Mundy

Absolutely delighted that Dane will complete this amazing journey. An absolute inspiration to us all. Well done Dane and to Junee you must be so proud of your amazing son. Australian of the year candidate for sure.

Kathy Saxton

Well done! Such an achievement and inspiring to all us runners that may only just manage a few kilometres a week. Congratulations Dane.

Colleen Lovelock

A hero to kids with autism. A deadset champion. Welcome home Dane.

Tash Quast

Your Dad would be so proud. And so are we!

Sian Morton

As a mother of two autistic boys, what Dane has done makes my heart sing for all people with autism! Dane you are awesome! Thank you!

Caiti Hooper

Go Dane, you passed my house again – it's been a while!

Loraine Lambert

So much respect for this man!

Paul Sulis

Well done mate. I passed him on the road near Cann River. I am crying watching this seeing him finish his journey. How can someone one you don't know make you feel so emotional. Good job.

Racheal Brownlie

A very inspirational being.  What an amazing personal achievement that extends to the wider community. Can't say well done enough.

Kylie-Maree Radburn

Tooted to you on the Victorian border Thursday! Congratulations you are an inspiration to many! Welcome home.

Julie Welsh

He will be a proud man forever. What a legend.

Tina Reyneke

Well done, watching you from the UK, epic.

Sue Reeder