OPINION: Best of the web, September 26

Council takes over sewage

So much irony in taking back management of an asset that was outsourced!

Greg Noel 

No Eden Year 12 ‘muck up day’

These threats have gone on for many years and really do dampen these young adults celebrating such a long haul to get where they are today.

Ali Munt

I completely agree with the students on this one. I was a student at Eden Marine High two years ago and we did get a "muck up day". Although there were a few trouble makers (this is always a guarantee) it was an awesome way for us to say goodbye to one another and the teachers, it was light-hearted and everyone had a laugh.

​Kayla Burdett

Last year’s Year 12 were also threatened with the same things. You will always have the odd ones who choose to push the boundaries to far. Those who choose that road deserve the consequences. Why should 99.9 per cent of students have to miss out due to the minority? 

Sonya Yelds

Very sad that they couldn't have a bit of fun. They even said they'd clean up but that wasn't good enough!

​Jaylee Mitchell

Thirteen years of school should call for some sort of celebration or at least acknowledgement don't you think?

Shell Banks 

Welcome to the real world, get use to disappointments in life, it's called growing up.

​Sydney Shaw

Rex pulls out

Well, I guess we'll have to bring on the security screening quicker and do some runway upgrades to get Qantas down here!

James Prumm 

Bring in cheaper air fares and a bigger airline, it will boost tourism for the area and will help get more families together.

​Emma Sturgess Ketteringham

What's the whinge about this time? Perhaps trying to justify the Cooma route? 

​Anton Klemm 


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