Letters to the editor

A large group of kids enjoying the annual South Coast Music Camp in Bega which saw  over 100 orchestral and band musicians gather for a week of music and fun.
A large group of kids enjoying the annual South Coast Music Camp in Bega which saw over 100 orchestral and band musicians gather for a week of music and fun.

Rex Airlines

Having read the recent articles on Rex's decision to alter its services to Merimbula, I would like to put this in perspective.

Rex has chosen not to upgrade the size of the  aircraft they use from  the 35 seater SAAB and it is understandable this would suit the short haul from Sydney to Moruya . Rex in taking on Cooma would need to supplement that route and Merimbula fits the bill as it did for Ansett many years ago .

It also means as Merimbula expands to take larger aircraft they do not lose all of their business to another carrier.

What it does do is make if far easier for  another carrier to increase air traffic from other airports to Merimbula, with Merimbula a completely unrestricted route , which accords with the Councils plan , now underway, to expand the Merimbula facility to cater for the growth we need .

Michael Britten, Merimbula 

Thanks Woolworths Staff

So nice to see woolworths being kid friendly to the point of free fruit. Unfortunately some parents should be a little more responsible to make sure their children do the right thing with their leftovers ie: banana peels.

Monday afternoon I unfortunately slipped on a piece of skin dropped by a child no doubt, resulting in an Ambulance trip to Bega Hospital, three stitches to my head, a Ct Scan and Xrays. Five hours spent at the hospital now sporting an incredible black eye, bruised ribs and a very sore arm.

Thanks to Woolworths Staff for their professional care offered at the time.

Des Whitby, Pambula

Industrial Waste

The Health Department does not tell people that the fluoride added to public water supplies is unpurified industrial waste from factory chimney "scrubbers". It contains not only fluoride, but also cancer causing heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, mercury, cyanide, as well as radioactive substances. It is not allowed to be disposed of in tips, rivers or the ocean. It must not be used in dialysis machines for people with kidney disease. Numerous studies link fluoridation with many health problems, including damage to children's developing brains, as well as to hip fractures in the elderly, and even a rare bone cancer. European people have better dentition than Australians and do not fluoridate their water supplies. Around the world dentition has improved due to better diets and regular brushing and flossing of teeth. Perhaps the reason Australian dentists support fluoridation is that they are trained at a college that takes donations from the fluoride industry. It is time to read the excellent research on fluoride and the statements from recipients of the Nobel Prize for Medicine who have investigated the effects of fluoride.

Gillian Blair, Panmure, Victoria

Alzheimer’s frustration

A survey released by Alzheimer’s Australia, Dementia and the Impact of Stigma, has found people living with dementia and their carers often experience embarrassing situations, feel socially disconnected and less competent.

The same survey also found one in two members of the public is frustrated by their lack of understanding about dementia and want to know more. During Dementia Awareness Month this September, Alzheimer’s Australia is raising awareness and understanding of dementia so people living with the condition can be better supported to feel less isolated and alone.

There are more than 413,000 Australians living with dementia and an estimated 1.2 million people involved in their care. In the Bega state electorate there is estimated to be 2,150 people living with dementia, which is expected to increase to an estimated 2,850 people by 2025 and 5,200 by 2056.

To find out more view the survey at fightdementia.org.au. 

Maree McCabe, CEO Alzheimer’s Australia