The Kremlin is keeping up with the Kardashians

Just in case there is anyone on the planet who still thinks it's an intelligent conversation technique to respond to the mention of television star and producer, app developer, fashion and cosmetics mogul, and number 47 on Forbes' list of the world's highest paid entertainers, Kim Kardashian West, with a snobby sigh and a, "Uh, I don't know why anyone even cares about her? What does she even do?", let it be known that there is no shame in keeping up with the most popular Kardashian: even the Kremlin is doing it.

Speaking to the New York Times for a feature on government-owned media in Russia, Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov made an interesting comment about an observed information war between Russian state media and western sources.

Peskov, who has been Russian President Vladimir Putin's press secretary since 2012, asserted that this was not a media conflict started by Russia, but a "counteraction" in a world where social media had allowed people to "reach hundreds of millions in a minute".

He then turned to quite an unexpected example: "This girl, from show business, Kim Kardashian."

According to Peskov, Twitter accounts like Kardashian West's (which boasts 55 million followers - 35 million more than the US president's "@POTUS" account and 18 million more than Trump's personal account) create a "perfect opportunity for mass disturbances... or for initiating mass support or mass disapproval".

He elaborated, "Let's imagine that one day she says, 'My supporters - do this.' This will be a signal that will be accepted by millions and millions of people. And she's got no intelligence, no interior ministry, no defense ministry, no KGB."

No KGB? That's a pretty reductive view of the secret service work Kardashian West and her husband, rapper Kanye West did in her now infamous Snapchat leak.

Of course, Kardashian West has often used social media as a platform for her political views: she's taken selfies with Hillary Clinton, decried Trump, and even written an essay on the Black Lives Matter movement.

Has Peskov overstated her ability to start a civil uprising? Look, maybe. Definitely. But the world of Kim Kardashian is hardly all contouring tips and waist trainers (particularly now she can sell those things for profit on her subscription apps).

Something to think about the next time someone says, "I just don't even know why Kim Kardashian is still a thing."

This story The Kremlin is keeping up with the Kardashians first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald.