Lumen’s showcase spectacular awes

The annual Year 12 ‘Showcase’ evening was held at Lumen Christi Catholic College on Wednesday, September 13.

Students in industrial technology/wood, drama, music and visual arts showcased their major projects, performances and artworks for fellow students, family, friends and staff.

The evening was a culmination of much hard work, trial and endeavour by the students of creative arts and industrial technology.

The evening was opened by principal Steve Centra. He outlined the importance of the creative process in education and the impact of the creative and performing arts along with industrial technology/wood within the college.

Mr Centra praised Lumen staff for their ongoing support and guidance of all Year 12 students.

The evening opened with performances from the HiSC music students. The HSC drama group and individual performances that followed were a dynamic and creative mix of performance styles.

The Visual Arts students created diverse and inspired works in a variety of expressive forms. The artworks included personal artistic statements on the body and students’ own popular cultural influences.

For the students of the class it was the first time their art works were critically evaluated by the college community.

The visual arts and industrial technology-wood displays created much interest with a large audience that viewed the exhibitions.