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Same sex marriage vote

Yes despite what many say the Majority of us are not trying to push our opinions upon any one or force anyone to vote in any way other than what they are comfortable with. All we want is a fair go and to be respected and to be allowed to acknowledge true love. If you Still feel you need to Vote no then that is your right

Peter Lees 

If you still have a grandparent alive, discuss with them your voting preference too. Their vote will affect the world you will be living in. Let them know how you feel - they will be interested!!

Patricia Daly 

I'll be voting yes because not very long ago, a group of women all rallied together to make it possible for me to vote - as a fellow human

Kerryn Wood 

Chamber’s parking ideas

Don't we employ specialist planning staff to provide solutions to town parking issues? don't they have qualifications/training in such things? this is ludicrous

Judy Geary 

Better get onto it. I know of 3 families that are heading elsewhere for their summer break.

Annette Sillis 

Kids’ BMX track

Awesome! Now that's community spirit. Proud of the kids involved for showing such maturity under the pressure from last week.

​Chrisi Haar 

Power to the children!

Christopher Nicholls 

Really glad to see such positive support. Would be great to put something together, glad to throw ideas around with anyone who can make the time. Lets get together on this! Feel free to contact - theriderslifestyle@me.com

Hjalmar Yully-Dingo Arnold-Halloran 

The council should build a proper one so the community can create a bmx club

Danielle Smith

I loved my days bmx racing as a teenager id be in for it

Phil Kellalea


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