Heritage Week in the Bega Valley

Ever wanted to take a step back through time and explore our local history?

Heritage Week is kicking off this weekend, with events scattered across the Bega Valley.

You won’t need your compass and spyglass to find these events, because we have created an interactive online map pinpointing each location.

Ranging from walks, tours, forums, and exhibitions, these events will unearth the stories of yesteryear and retell them today. 

Heritage Week incorporates Indigenous and European heritage of the area, including events that occurred on land and at sea in the Bega Valley region. 

There are opportunities to engage with historians and learn about the stories that artefacts of this region hold. 

The event is hosted by the Office of Environment and Heritage and the Bega Valley Shire Council, with the help of local community organisations. Events run from September 2-10.