Waste to Taste project kicks off

A new volunteer based urban-food and sustainability initiave is making headway in Merimbula. 

Led by David Barrie, From Little Things Parklands (FLTPs) want to see the area between the back of Club Sapphire and the creek transformed into environmental parkland. 

The initiative has been gaining traction with the council, local business and non-government organisations jumping on board.   

While FLTPs broad vision involves the re-education of the public and the creation of more green spaces, they are already moving towards their goal of having a community vegie garden. 

A Greenteam of volunteers have banded together and work has already begun on the conversion of bowling greens at Club Sapphire. 

On Sunday, August 20, the Greenteamers started transforming one of the 36x36m bowling greens into an intensive seasonal food garden that will deliver produce for commercial and community consumption. 

This stage, titled the Waste-to-Taste Initiative, will feature a number of community based workshops.

Waste to Taste project officer Dan Bakker said they’ve started implementing the site design but there is still a lot of work to be done.

“We are on a steep learning curve, I’ve been doing garden installations and sustainablity projects for a long time but this is very much a new thing for me,” Mr Bakker said. “We are converging as many people’s ideas as possible so it is a truly collaboartive community venture.”

FLTP will be on the greens again this weekend before starting the two-week CBD Waste-Audit and preparing for the Bio-Blitz scheduled for Saturday, September 16.

To get involved email fltparklands@gmail.com.