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NEW MANAGER: Tourism manager at the Merimbula Visitor Information Centre Chris Nicholls with tourism co-ordinator, Ginny Francis and volunteer Gwen Langthorne.
NEW MANAGER: Tourism manager at the Merimbula Visitor Information Centre Chris Nicholls with tourism co-ordinator, Ginny Francis and volunteer Gwen Langthorne.

Threat to economy

A very real threat to our tourist economy.

In response to your front page article on Merimbula’s looming tourism disaster, I have been inundated with calls from concerned business owners and residents alike, all wanting to know more about this issue.

In cold, hard economic terms, the 34 affected business in Merimbula provide over 1200 tourist accommodation beds. Should they be lost to the tourism sector it will mean a $35-$40 million annual hit to the Merimbula economy.

This is a very real threat posed by the legislation being put forward by the NSW Government that will take them from the tourism sector and put them into the real estate industry.

So, Merimbula, if you thought that this issue was too hard to understand, you had better start getting your head around it. It will affect everyone here.

Neale Whittard, Merimbula 

Polluting our earth

Shame on Merimbula.

You remove old polluting contaminated fuel tank without decontaminating the soil in the surrounding area.

Then you leave two other fuel tanks in the ground to continue to rust pollute and contaminate the soil for years to come.

All of this in a stone’s throw of eateries and oyster leases.  

Do we not have a Environmental Protection Authority in NSW

Ian Lobley, Tura Beach

Daffodil Day at Tura

To all the generous wonderful people at Tura who donated to Daffodil Day on Friday, August 25, you will be pleased to know that with the help of our fabulous volunteers Barb, Pam, David, Shirley Cathy and Nerida we raised $1271.20.

Job well done, see you all again next year.

Barb Clough - Tura Beach

Planning backwater

If you want to find out why years of sub-standard planning have driven most developers out of Bega Valley Shire, to the point where is now risks becoming a stagnant backwater in a far corner of Australia’s fastest-growing and most prosperous state – then come along to the land owners protest meeting on Wednesday, August 30 from 6pm at Club Sapphire, Merimbula.

Hear how Eden’s future is being strangled by the ‘green garrotte’ of Bega Valley Shire’s inappropriate environmental constraints.

This is an eye-opener as to why our ratepayers and their families right across the shire are being denied the greater economic and employment opportunities they should enjoy.

Jon Gaul, Tura Beach

Cap or hat?

Being a member of Merimbula RSL for many years I was truly surprised and upset that I was told to remove my hat. It was in fact a cap.

On Friday, August 25, the family of about 30 people and myself decided to go for dinner at the RSL, after one of my besties’ wake.

I spoke both to the duty manager and was then directed to the general manager who was not on duty.

I was told to remove my cap or leave the club. I have worn caps/hats most of my life. I have never worn a wide brim hat inside the club, this type of hat is called a "fedora" or "homburg".

The main reason for wearing my caps meaning "soft material, no brim, have a crown and are also called "flat front caps" is for warmth.

I have never been told to remove any hat style or cap on Melbourne Cup days (plus 200 other women who do so).

So if I could please ask the general manager and board of directors of the Merimbula RSL to please reconsider your rules, at this stage the hat rule is hypocritical. 

Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Barb Aggenbach, Merimbula


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