Writers retreat to the wilderness

The Writers of the Far South Coast recently held its third Winter Writers Retreat which saw 18 writers, mentors and guests congregate at Kianinny to discuss and improve their writing.

The writers were also given time to sit back, enjoy the environment and just focus on their writing.

The retreat also included a last minute replacement mentor, Chris Andrews from the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild joining Paula Boer of Cooma and ASA mentor, Rae Luckie of Batemens Bay who said, "I really enjoyed the weekend.”

Another attendee lamented “do we have to wait a whole year for another?”. 

WFSC member and first time retreater, Leigh Crowe summed the weekend up perfectly saying the feedback “confirms the value of what was a highly successful Retreat on many levels; social interaction and exchange, support, encouragement, diversity of creative thought, productivity and ignition of new direction”. 

“I too wish to thank [the club] for all [they] have done to make this such a valuable, and valued event. It doesn’t just happen; so thank you! As a first for me I am so very pleased to have attended.”

Along with the retreat, the Writers of the Far South Coast run workshops throughout the year and have an upcoming workshop with Amanda Midlam at 1pm-3:30pm on Saturday, August 19 at Club Sapphire in Merimbula. Cost is $10 members, $15 non-members.

Amanda’s workshop focuses on stretching yourself and taking your prose writing to a higher level with specially designed exercises regarding the areas of language and pacing to write a new draft that sings.

She asks that participants bring along two copies of five to six pages of a current draft and something, either pen and paper or a device, to get busy writing.

For more information call (02) 6448 9948, visit www.writersfsc.org.au or find the WFSC on Facebook.