OPINION: Best of the web, August 2

Power bill shock

How many people were fooled when we were told our power prices would increase directly because of the (now repealed) carbon tax? What a load of rubbish that argument turned out to be. Prices have escalated dramatically despite any price on carbon.

Jenny Robb 

Everyone that bought into the solar panels...rebate schemes and incentives...we are all now wondering why the hell we bothered!

Kuz Kuzela

Meanwhile the supply company gets my power generation for free and sells it at massive mark up rate. Government did this and plebs voted for the Labor Greens governments.

Andrew Chalmers

We've got one of the new meters, but it doesn't really seem to make much difference...our bill is still ridiculous and growing.

Angela George

Beth lifeguard of the year

 Congratulations and well deserved Beth, you are a great role model.

Wendy Kenyon

Excellent choice.

Diane Lang

Kids clothes swap shop

What a great idea. I could’ve used this the other day I had a whole bag of good boys clothes.

Cindel Buckley

How awesome is this?! Brilliant idea.

Priscilla Boniface

Seahorse suggestions

Anywhere it does not spoil the natural environment. Wherever it goes can Tidal Spiral from Short Point go with it?

Bill Jackson

Across the road near the walkway and lake. It is a sea creature, likely to be found in the lake, so place it there.

Don Kellond

Boat Ramp park near the big anchor at Fishpen

Colin Bell 

It has to stay in the vicinity it's always been.

Kathryn Margaret Workman


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