Poddy Dodgers spread wings for Eagles gig

THE PODDY DODGERS: Garry Carson Jones, Shayne Jones, Michael Cootes and John McVeity. Photo: Garry Carson Jones.
THE PODDY DODGERS: Garry Carson Jones, Shayne Jones, Michael Cootes and John McVeity. Photo: Garry Carson Jones.

Club Sapphire will feel more like Hotel California when the Poddy Dodgers perform their Eagles cover show on Friday, July 21. 

The Poddy Dodgers are celebrated as the Sapphire Coast’s favourite country rock band. They will be joined by Candy McViety and brothers Andy and Peter O’Donnell for the special tribute show, bringing a total of seven talented musicians to the stage. 

Poddy Dodger Garry Carson Jones said it had been a pleasure working within a larger group, and he’s looking forward to the event. 

“Rehearsals have been sounding really great,” he said. 

“Everything is coming together as we start getting closer to the day.”

Because the band has increased its numbers for the performance, the group is able to give more depth to their recreation of the Eagles’ song list.

“Because we have so many vocalists in the group, we’ve been able to develop some really nice four piece harmonies,” Carson Jones said.  

“It’s actually easier with a big group, the harmonies sound fuller, you can share the work around and really pick your moments as an individual within the band.”

Next week will be second time they perform the show. The tribute show was first developed at this time last year to commemorate Eagles founding member Glenn Frey, who died in January last year. 

Carson Jones said the band didn’t expect the first show, held at Oaklands Pambula, to be as popular as it was.

“We only scheduled one Saturday night show, for their Christmas in July event,” he said. 

“But we ended up playing the next night as well and selling out both of the shows.”

Now they’re bringing it back to the stage by popular demand. Carson Jones said he is looking forward to playing their music again. 

“Being a guitarist, I really appreciate their guitar licks and the intricate way they play their instruments,” he said. 

“My favorites are the classics, I’m looking forward to playing Hotel California and Life in the Fast Lane.

“But I also enjoy some of the slower songs too, like Desperado.”

The band will be working in some songs from Linda Ronstadt to the lineup. Carson Jones said this is a tribute to the supported shows the Eagles played for her in their early days. 

Club Sapphire described the upcoming event as a “musical accolade to the eternally influential west coast sounds and harmonies of one of the greatest bands of all times.”

Doors open at 8pm. Club Sapphire advises this is a 15+ event. Tickets are available from reception.