OPINION: Best of the web, June 21

Council backdown on airport fee

 It is the way the council handled the issue and full credit to them for acknowledging they stuffed up. If done properly, with proper consultation, then may not have been such a significant issue. Proper relationship management is the key.

Fraser Buchanan

A massive back down after unreasonable threats made by REX. In light of this I will be doing my best to avoid using REX in the future and supporting Free Spirit Airlines.

Nigel Ayling 

 Bega Council needs to concentrate on bins...that is about all they can manage. Stop interfering in hotels, business and roads and empty the bins.

Sue Moss

 That's one very large humble pie

Pete Johnston

 It's 50 cents - Rex get over it. However, council, listen to what Rex is saying about the approach to managing relationships and partnerships - if they found out at the same time as others, then I wouldn't be surprised if Rex was disappointed with the communication.

Michael Hampson

Pambula school choir performs at Bimbimbie

What a fantastic performance from these Pambula public students, the residents will be loving this!

Trudy McAlpin 

I think there should be more of this - congrats to the organiser.

Florence Keith

I was lucky enough to be there, I’m such a proud nanny.

Louise Minty

Fantastic to see this interaction between our young citizens and our older folk. Warms my heart!

Bruce Arch

Destination Southern NSW arrives in Merimbula

Sincerely hope that Constance is not going to turn the area into another Gold Coast which we all know has become a total failure. Believing that progress is the be all and end all = failure to a pristine part of our world!

JanineWalter HK


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