OPINION: Best of the web, June 13

Pambula millionaire

What a great win for this man and Pambula. Congratulations.

Lorraine Tilley

Congratulations, I'm sure you deserve this many times over.

Valhildur Jónasdóttir Anderson

Congrats. So glad someone won it who needs it. Enjoy your new fortune.

Joanne Monck 

Nice to see a pensioner get such an amazing surprise.

Lauren Roberts

Section 64 charges debate

We shouldn't have to be paying for a natural resource which is every persons right to access. It's just more greed!

Ali Munt

So $2.75 for 1000L of clean drinking water delivered to your taps - on demand - is greedy? Have some perspective! Talk about first world problems.

James Prumm 

Being required to pay an extra $15,600, because of S64 was a huge shock for me (and everyone helping me) to get my small business in Tura Beach up and running last year. We thought because the previous owners of the building had paid it it would not be charged again? On top of everything else I had to pay to council for fees and charges, S64 made me consider giving up my business idea.

Katie Heno

Imlay House’s new gym

An excellent idea especially after having attended a preventing falls discussion. Most falls occur at home or in aged care facilities.

Jacqui Goodman

This needs to happen in all facilities.

Robyn Calhoun 

Dane Waites’ dream run

Seen you running around the area many times Dane. Never met you but have total respect for what you are doing. I know you will enjoy yourself as you are very determined and dedicated. Best wishes to you and I know you'll have the time of your life. Good luck.

Jay Holmes

Go Dane go!

Liz Smallwood


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